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Hydraulic Model Review Assistance for MSDGC  
RFQ # 2018-011
SEALED Statements of Qualifications (SOQs) will be received for the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (“MSDGC”) by the City of Cincinnati (the “City”), as sole management agency for the operation and maintenance of MSDGC at Two Centennial Plaza, 805 Central Avenue, Suite 234, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202:
 UNTIL 1:30 PM on Thursday,
June 28, 2018     
Offerors must deliver their proposals to the City at Two Centennial Plaza, 805 Central Ave, Suite 234, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, by the time and date specified above, either by hand or other logistics.
As of 6/1/2018, interested parties may download RFQ Documents from the Open Data Cincinnati website and should frequently return to the site to monitor for project-specific updates and addenda.   ; (Once there, simply click on the piggybank icon and then select “Procurement Opportunities and Contract Awards – 5/10/2018 to Present”)
Questions on this project or any part of the RFQ Documents must be sent via e-mail to by the established deadline. The deadline for questions is 1:30 PM local time on Tuesday, June 19, 2018.        
A brief description of the services sought:
MSDGC receives numerous hydraulic model submissions by various contractors in any given year. Depending on the dates of delivery, the scale of the work and MSDGC’s internal work load, MSDGC cannot provide effective and timely review of all submitted models. To reduce the delay in the projects associated with these models, MSDGC requires additional assistance. MSDGC will also be developing a streamlined set of review criteria. MSDGC requires assistance in collecting the background information necessary to develop the new templates for review.
Services Overview
The following are the tasks/deliverables to be performed:
1. Develop revised templates for model submittal
2. Assist MSD with revised guidelines for model development and review
3. Review and assist with the implementation of QA/QC procedures for internal and external modeling related to the revised templates and guidelines
4. Provide review of selected models as directed by MSDGC. This may include validation to more recent data
Cincinnati, Ohio. June 7, 2018.
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